it breathe inside my viens, down my spine and into my brain, it feeds me whispers and lives on lies, it's words are disaster in my newly painted landscape of painted wings and butterflies.

anger moves inside me, dragonish and scaly, but the ice gathers heat and burns me twice-ly.
I've learned from the pain, and it's better to keep the anger down. Less to feed it this way.

it's crowning glory, it leaves to sooth the wounds, the cold, hard, heavy, weight of regret of the chances not taken and paths chosen wrongly, love lost and nothing gained.

Silver rings, promises and fairy tales.
I have learned that these are the window for the innocent, these are the words from the children before they are wise.

Dragon- you monster in my viens, you hellish beast that breaths the lies and eats my happiness with a snort of your contemptuous snout. You devour my dreams and replace them with nightmares. You take the only things I have and replace them with the shell of the thing, you replace my words with defenseless tears, my faith with a dull ache and my family with dolls. I am weak because of you. I am weak because you live inside me; you know my liver and my spleen, you romp through the valleys of my muscles and you swim in my blood; but, worst of all, you sleep with my heart, betraying all else, to lay curled around my tenderest place, breathing your sin out and in again like the air you are too inhuman to know.

I may not be a princess, but I will slay you.
I will banish you from the kingdom of my heart.
You jealous beast! You treturous murderer of hope and healing. Away with you! Again you reduce me to a weeping maiden, but even though my eyes may be clouded, I can see you for what you are. You monster. You sad, sad monster, feeding on my insecurities and my sorrow. You sad lonely beast. Go and be free, turn your heart from shadow and into the sun, only there will you find the peace to be free.

Please, just leave me.


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