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New York

We arrived in the dark tangle of night. The darkness of the plains giving way to the great glow of small cities, spread out like great glowing spiders webs beneath us. The engines of the 737 pulling us onward.  I stared out the frosted window. A curious sense of readying for something, knitting together beneath my freckled skin.  
When we stepped out of the Laguardia terminal it was 11:30pm and the sky was an orange glow. We traded our glee with side smiles as the sounds and smells of New York surrounded us.Honking busses and thick accents. The smell of four different kinds of cologne thick on the biting air. The very clear expression of Fuck you! From a girl whose foot got rolled over by a roller bag by the clatter of Midwestern folks trying to figure out where they were going and which bus would take them there. We waited together in the chilly air, until our bus finally came lumbering into view, its LED ticker board illuminating the words we needed. Brooklyn.
We traded the bus for a tr…

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