July 7, 2012

So I have been terribly bad at posting these last few weeks, 
not because I didn't have good things to say or pass along, 
but because I have been so busy doing all the things, 
I should then be writing about!

I have been in airports and city streets, dance halls and packed 
cars. I have been in a house with twenty people and on a lawn with 
a beautiful bride in a gorgeous white dress. I have been on the 
beach and in a sunflower field. I have been on planes and couches 
and floors. Lots of adventures to be told, as soon as I have time
to breath and write out my memories in color. But until then:

Hear my words and feel my heart. 
I am swinging west 
breathing hard and walking heavy and 
leaving ruin to wrack and rest

but I am not your hero, and I am not your song.
I am not an angel, but I am sometimes strong.
I am barefoot and I am hungry, hungry deep inside.
You cannot quench me, or desert me for
I shall always be by your side.

Your eyes were stormy as they looked upon the dawn, 
heavy lidded irony and with coffee stained heart to keep you warm.
dont act as though you know. Don't shake your tousled head at me.
I am only as strong as you believe theres weak in me.

So wrap up your jealousy, wrap up your rage. Don't stare at my soul
as if it were something to be caged.
Let the sunset dip you in a thousand coats of armor, let the wind 
shake away your facts and your unspent Karma.
Let yourself live.
Let yourself, live me dear, and I will try, and do the same.


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