Ode to Leonardo.

Oh my little Leonardo.

Sweet little man of the world.
You were born today, into the perils of life, you were shot,
out of a mama with two twin sisters who got,
all of the food and all of the milk,
they didn't leave much for your sweet little coat made of silk.
See, you poor little sweet thing,
only weighed four pounds and two ounces today.
That's a small goat on any given day.

I tucked you in my shirt and wrapped my vest around,
you are so little and your little voice barely made a sound.

I fed you and fed you, next to my skin,
in hopes that the life blood of milk would help your little life begin.

And only when all the milk was had been drunk,
did I sigh a breath of relief,
because what sort of mama would I be if I wasn't concerned how you eat?

And then little Leonardo, you peed all over me.

But it was alright, because after all, it's just pee.

So my sweet little Leonardo, even though you are small,
I have given you this name which is not,
it means 'Strong as the Lion' because even though you are minuscule,
you have a heart that is not.


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