The fork.

There once was a fork in the road. and I thought, dang it, and I wanted a spoon.

But of course, it's a fork and it's still useful, so I picked it up and brushed off the dirt and stuck it in my pocket for the next time I needed to pick a lock or spear something on a fork.

Honestly I seem to keep finding forks in the road, more this past year than ever before, and my collection is growing. Funny, because in real life, I seem to collect (read: pilfer) spoons.

But anyway, this seems to be getting off topic, I am told I go a little over board with my metaphors but really, you enjoyed that, didn't you?

Okay, really, here I am, foot loose and fancy free, basically nothing tying me down, not much money, but a little, I have my own cabin in the woods, I have my own home base, but it's becoming more and more difficult staying here. I get pulled under and trapped. Reminded of things I used to have and want and lost.

So, moving on, that leads me to the BIG question:

Where to, and what to, next?

I've been wanting to go to Hawaii for as long as I can remember, and I have friends there, but not quite sure if this is good timing and also how to make it happen. I've been reading about farm stays and such, you know, work trade for a place to stay, which I mean I can do for sure, but sometimes I wonder if there is a better cause I could work for.

     I have had this desire recently, a pretty big desire really, to help somehow. Volunteer at an orphanage or for some kind of real cause. I love film making and writing (and dance) and would love to make something that could reach people, could maybe make a difference.
I am passionate about people and love. I am passionate about healing and art and creativity.
I'm just not sure where I should be.

So I'm waiting to hear, I'm open, I'm ready, I'm here.

Come and get me.


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