the jester made of lies

Not sure what this is, but it just came spilling out. Feel free to turn back now. 
Happy reading.

What am I made of.

Bone and flesh and sand and blood.

What are you made of.

Flesh and bone, sand and blood.

I want your sand and blood, I want your bone mixed with mine,
 like honey drenched summer twilight wine.

Lets drown right now, bite your bottom lip and tear at the clothes that tangle me like burnt rubber.

Rip from your utter bottom line, the piece of you that when polished, shines. I want to hold you up against the sun, turn a shadow to the ground, like something strong, something utterly opposite of wrong.

I want to dance with you, feet buried in the sea sand, the dark sky painted in streaks of foreign colors above us, our hands deeply intertwined. Please. Don't let go.

What am I made of?

Flesh and smoke and emotions dark and pretty. Blood and bones and skin stretched tight.

What are you looking for when you turn out the light? What is it that haunts your brain.
It can't be me, for I am no longer the same.

"You call this love?!" laughs the jester in disguise, spitting out the words with mirth to cover her surprise.

He stands, in the shadows, hands in his stripped pockets, his face hidden in the night.
 "Yes." He simply says. The truth.

"You are blind!" She cries. Her voice echoing shrilly, unable to shroud her fear.
"You wouldn't know love if it bit you.. No ones ever LOVED you. No. No.. this is simply screwing,  fucking, sex.. lust. Human need consumed in more needing. No. This cannot be love!"  The words are spat, but covered lightly with a smile.
"I am not lonely, I share my bed with a soul every seventh mile. You are nothing new, to me." She turns away as she speaks, her only regret an untold moment she believes makes her weak.

She has never, looked beyond the wall, into the well inside her self.

"No." He states simply turning his face toward her into the light.
"No. Sex is what animals do. You are no animal Collette. You are too blind creating this mask you live behind to see the truth. You may quench your lonely heart by stuffing your body with souls all over the world, but that is not what I am talking about. Love lives in my heart for you."


A cricket in the corner of the shadow makes it's phantom known, to the world it sings, for a long moment as it lets cry the utter sounds of it's life. And then it's quiet. again.

The light catches on his hair, curled in messy abandon in the humid rich air. He turns to face her.

"I want you." His hands clench.
 "...I want to hold your soul. I want to shine it in the midnight sun. Let me hold you, let me bring you peace at dawn, where in my arms you and I are safely alone. Together undone.
I want to make us one. "

With every sentence, he speaks he takes a step closer to this girl, this woman. Half sitting, half sprawled on a bale of straw, mask left askew, hair coming undone and mascara running in the torrent of salt and water streaming from eyes, blue. She looks up, they are clouded.




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