Things that make me smile andthat I am grateful for

Things that make me smile:

Watching dawn come, softening the horizon line and turning the sky pale and hazy, and the air.. something about dawn air that is like perfume and quiet joy melded together to make something heavenly to inhale. Maybe it's just the knowledge of a fresh start.

Good friends. That you can call anytime, day or night, for a laugh, a cry, a few worlds of advice, a whispered secret or wish or just to feel the silence breath between you.


Waking up with a smile and the contentment of good dreams and good things to do.

Good morning texts.

Inside jokes, and Laughing so hard your face hurts.- This happened to me the other day, I was laughing so hard, I swear my face convulsed and I couldn't have stopped laughing if I had wanted to, which of course I didn't.. although the other people in the restaurant might have appreciated it... hehehe

Watching movies on skype.

Hot running water. I have a hot shower, now, as well as.. wait for it.. a bath! as well as a full kitchen that I can actually clean things in. Ah. my life. So good.

Sharing smiles with strangers. And knowing both your days got better because of that little connection.

Opening up the mailbox and seeing a hand written letter addressed to you.

Holding hands with someone you care about.

New music.

 Lying in bed, in the quiet, listening to the rain fall outside.

 Adventures! Outings! Road trips!- with good friends.

Good, deep, real conversations with great people, talking into the wee hours but not wanting to stop.

Knowing that somebody misses you.

Being vulnerable. Feeling safe enough, loved enough, accepted enough to let your heart be truly vulnerable.

Good hugs.

The sureness in your heart that your doing the right thing, no matter what other people think.

The sweet exhaustion from dancing all night.

Playing in the rain. Getting everything soaking wet, your hair, your skin, your clothes, everything, and laughing.

Promises to do weird things together, like baking cookies in your underwear.

Family, mine in particular, both blood and adoptive. Funny, weird, capable, strong, easy-going, adventuresome, loving and supportive.


Real, honest to god, unabashed, unconditional love.

Swimming in the canal under the blue of my Colorado sky.

Shivers and goosebumps when you know you just experienced a miracle.

Knowing I'm not alone.

Facebook posts from the people you look up to and admire. and love.

I am so very blessed. I realized, recently today, that I have been spewing a lot of my pain on here. I write about it and then I can let it go, but where does it go? out into your minds and thoughts and hearts, holding that pain for me, no. I want to re-turn the current of this. I want to spout love and joy as well as the sorrow, grief and loss. I want to be always growing, always changing and learning. I want to be humbled and be able to still walk through the fear into the staggering brightness of the sunlight.

Feeling grateful.

Hearing the words, I love you.

Letting yourself, feel.


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