love with life..


I am in love, with life.

It's true it won't make love to me like a man, it cannot hold my hand or laugh at the silliness of my late night jokes. It cannot wrap strong arms around me when the days been too much.
 But it's always there, it will never cheat on me or leave me, until, I choose to leave me.
Life, holds everything, anything I could ever desire, ever ask for or find.
Life is there every morning and in the stillness of the wretched night. Life flows in my veins.
Life is always alive, always breathing wind into my sails.

Driving this road, remembering the couple-hood of loving Chaiah and our journey together; I taste the pungent of lonely, but I know, while grief is in my mouth, joy is waiting for the very next course.
I am fulfilled even in the emptiness of this moment in my heart.
I am blessed beyond measure. Beyond.


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