I like you, it's true, I touch my nose to prove..

I like you. Can we just get this straight?
When I hear from you, I smile, I can't help it, I don't even hesitate.

I like the person you inhabit and the strange and delightful things you say.
I like that you are you, and I am me.
It builds a space, a trust that is human and un-weak.

I like that when in the middle, we reach, we meet, it's delicate and real. Solid on the ground of life and all the beauty that prevails.

I write words about you, I write whole paragraphs for, but they never do it honor, not justice, they cannot reach, they are not real, like wild and happy, dirty bare feet dancing on the hardwood floor.

You see, I have this fear, too much of it, that I will find you reaching for the door, that I will be too much, my regard too shinning, and that our shared smiles will be no more.

So, out of habit, I confine myself to the page, I silence my smiles and my joy at hearing you say my name... but maybe, not scaring you away is not the point ... wait, I know this.. the joy of life, of love is to be unhindered, unashamed, even if there is fear, to let it go and love, anyway.

So throw out the sunscreen and let the sun be bright upon my face, I am a sunflower after all. I love you. Yes, I do, good, glad that's clear, that is all.


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