I need arms to surround my chaos.
Time to make it right.
It's okay if its a little dark, just stay with me tonight.
There is wind in the willow tree and wind singing from the roof
There is laughter and then quiet, but darkness has it's proof.
Somewhere down the hall I hear a strain of music play.

You wrap your arms around me and barefoot, together we sway.
I can here the ragged of your breath, as your lungs crave in and out.
The way you pull me closer as if to let these insides out.
Our fingers dance. In the deep shadows from the moonlight that falls across the floor, from the muslim curtained window it stretches to the door.
We are forgiven, in the shadows, not held to the perfection of the sun, against your tender heartbeat, I am free to come undone.

Unravel, unraveling like so very much red string.
Tears fall effortlessly down my face, rolling like thunder down my skin.
But the music keeps on playing down the hall and in the dark, together we slowly spin.

In these arms we find our chaos, in these arms we find our dawn.
Each seeking our own daunted hearts, until the end comes of this song.


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