today was one of those days where things become luminecent in your mind. Where love and laughter and family all come together in the undercurrent of god and life.
We had Most Fun Monday tonight, but instead of games it was a barn dance, with Christmas lights strung up across the high wooden rafters in a beautiful old barn, bare feet on the bare cement floor, first of the season fresh homemade peach salsa and so many smiling faces it simply lit up the room. Let me paint you a little picture:

I arrived an hour or so late, trundling down the dirt road in my little car, the sky to the west strewn with sunset streaks of pink and orange and hazy ducky purple and blue. Hanging just on the horizon was a pale sliver of a moon, like a slender thumb nail, floating gently in the sky. I arrived and parked in the field next to a dozen other cars and made my way toward to sounds of fiddle music and stomping.. coming around the edge of the barn I could see the shining faces of, maybe, 26 beautiful and animated faces, in mid-Virginia-reel; hands swinging back and forth, sweat dripping, music stomping away, hands hot from clapping and the delight, the glee, the sheer felicity in their faces was a sight to behold. I was quickly added to the group and joined in till the dance ended and we all collapsed into piles outside to soak in the last of the vanishing sun and breath in the coolness of the coming evening on our hot skin.

It was one of those moments, where everything just seems to lift up, float suspended for a moment in the balance between pain and joy, time and space, sweet dark and light, where the things that matter are in front of you and it's the joy you find in a good friends smile that brings a knowing grin to your face. It was one of those moments where I want to freeze time and revel in the moment, revel in the joy and comradery, in the feeling of everything being alined and connected.

and so we swing on.. Like my head lights illuminating my path home tonight, like the sun that comes in the morning of tomorrow. We keep breathing and heart beating and dancing and singing. And feeling the joys, the pain, the hardships, the challenge, the despair; keep feeling the road under us, breathing and living and striving with us to take us somewhere. Our paths are not dead and simply something to walk on.. they wants us to live, wants to live, for our own joy and hearts, fears, adventures, risks taken. It's the path to walk in love.

Keep walking and feeling, sharing, giving, receiving and reveling in love. Cause without love, what's the freakin point?



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