dance with me..

Dance with me in the cool morning mountain hours before dawn..

Hold me close, hold me near to your heart as mine is breaking from this song..

it reminds me of all the dreams I used to dream and all the sunrises that I've seen..

Long and short, from dark to gray, from lavender to blue.. from dark to light, I am re-born into this newer, stronger reflection, now, not reflecting you.

Even though my heart is breaking, even though my present is only felt in this fleeting moment, I can say that my life is huge and painted violet without regrets and passed down mandatory dreams..

I look out onto the wide and rushing sea, I watch him float away as if in a dream, his little boat, now solitary on my horizon, drifting further and further away.. Too late to call him back. Too late to change this pact. Too late to make it anything than what it really is.


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