Dancing is my life!

It's been a while since last my last post. 
My life seems to be taking wings for it's self, finally.

Almost three weeks ago, I journeyed to New Mexico for a weekend of blues dancing, I was excited and a little frightened of walking so clearly out of the bubble I usually inhabit. But, I've found that life takes fear, (just like visa!) and usually gives you something more worthwhile to replace it with.

So there I am in Albuquerque, walking back into the world of blues dancing. (Not that long after first discovering it back in August, but after seeing the hardship it brings to my boyfriend's and my relationship it's been set on a back shelf for a while; even though it feel like it's a glorious and perfect part of my soul.)        

 So from that first dance I found myself waking back up, this fire inside ignited into a blazing bon fire, back into this person I am creating and loving living through.

Now if your've never heard of, or seen blues dancing, you should, it's amazing.  I call it extreme partner dancing, because there isn't a regimented set of steps and moves. There is a Lead and a Follow, (doesn't have to be gender specific, although most guys do lead) But the point of it is to listen with your body, without the mind trying to figure everything out; so it becomes almost an emotional experience; sharing body contact, listening and creating something between you the music and your partner.  I love it. 
(Below is a picture of blues dancing, from the first night I tried it.)

So, I had a glorious weekend dancing all day until three in the morning and making new friends and relaying on my own inner compass, after quite a few months of trying to relay on someone else's. It was like utter freedom for me.
 My legs were shaking from so much dancing and my heart was bursting from so much moment living and connected dancing-- let alone, my new friends.

Driving home, across the hilly desert and into the mountains with my brother in his tiny little Aqua green Geo Metro (which we christened Sergeant Arnold Johnson) running on about 4 to 5 hours of sleep each, all we could talk about was dancing. 
     What was the best part of our weekend and who we liked dancing with the best (or the worst,) the funny particular things we noticed about our new friends and when and how we were going to dance again. Of course after we ran out of 300 miles, our conversation turned to other things, but with that same glorious inspired intention; What made us ignite so fully, what else could I do to keep those fires burning and instead of getting bogged down with my friends, my boyfriend, our tiny town, the weather, the family and a sense of bleakness. 
     The best answer: Dance, don't stop, just because I don't have very many people to dance with,(my brother and my dad) nor a car to drive to the other side of the mountains where the blues dancing scene is alive and thriving. Just keep the head held high and keep doing what you love. 

As we climbed through the mountain passes looking out for snow, our conversation turned to our black and white silent short film which we had both been editing separately and how we needed to finish it up quickly for the first annual short film fest in our town. 

The next week was a jumble. I showed my brother my edit for 'Paper Heart' and he cried. It was such a mile stone for me, that I could  actually make something so good, by myself (this was near to my first editing job on my own, and I was reveling in the freedom of not sharing the work) and to make my brother cry, when he had been working on the same project, was like a light going off. 
     Now, not to sound big headed or anything, but I have been working my whole life trying to catch up to my amazingly talented brothers and it was so freakin wonderful to finally be acknowledged with my own talent and looked on as an equal.

I also did some shooting and another editing job for a short home health film that my father wrote and stared in. Ah, the artistic freedom to make something good on my own, with the ultimate support of my artistic family.  

So now, you've been caught up, this is my life. I start my new job, as a goat mid-wife and nursery care-giver, on Sunday. I'm currently sitting in a warm house (housesitting,) waiting for a friend to come over so we can make breakfast together. I should really go add another log to the fire, as we've gotten anther snow storm here today. 
My boyfriend and I struggle on to make our relationship a happy one that suits us both. I hope we find it.

But through everything in this past month that's lighted me up, I think, listening to that deep voice within and trusting in what I hear is the thing that keeps me happiest and steady to my own heart.

All for now, 


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