The first of many

The day is gray here in Colorado, but I sit contentedly in a warm house, my only company the ticking of the clock, the crackling of the fire and a peacefully sleeping cat.

My mind wanders, to all the things left unsaid, all the questions left unanswered and all the empty hearts. I don't want my life to be an unsaid, unanswered question. But lately that's exactly what it is. I'm nearly twenty, and although I have done, seen and experienced more than some, I haven't seen or done nearly enough.

This Blog, is to map the distance it takes from here, where I am, to there, to who I want to be. If that makes any sense at all. And I'll try my best to be as honest as I can.

I have heard lots of people my age, and older for that matter, questioning the powers or pit falls of religion, God, and how we as Humans fit into this 'big picture'.  I know it's not a 'new' subject. But one I find has a profound effect on people.

My personal beliefs are this: I believe that God is real, but I also believe that he resides inside ourselves as well as in the depths of the heavens and the tiny blades of grass. That said, I don't believe in hell, or Saten. I think those things were created by the ego of man for the fear and control of the masses. A god who is love, is not also a judgmental and withholding god, wouldn't you say?

After all, isn't it comforting to know that somebody cares about you? Somebody who really matters? and in turn, that you give yourself that power?
When you love God, or the Universe or the Holy Spirit, You love yourself. Which is just as powerful, when humbly thought about.

But, that said, I'm not dis-proving what anyone else believes. I think you should believe what feels right, good and above all else what makes you happy in that knowledge.

So there, I hope my thoughts and wonderings have been constructive, or at least thought-provoking.

I'm out into the rain, to wrap presents and turn on heaters and lamps, and to keep my heart pumping in the only way I know how. To breath in and out again. And smile, smiling is always good. Till, next time..



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